The city of Geelong, in the southeastern corner of Victoria, is an Australian coastal city known for its naval base and long beach. The suburb Grovedale is located about 20 miles south of the city center of Geelong. The area has, over the years, become a popular residential suburb for families. Grovedale offers affordable housing on large properties, with many houses selling for under $250,000. One reason why Grovedale homes have retained their value over the years is the suburb’s proximity to the city. Grovedale residents can get into Geelong in less than 20 minutes by car.

Grovedale has the good fortune of sitting right on the coast, which means there’s lots to see and do as well as gorgeous views. The gently sloping land is lush and fertile, and it’s been developed into many famous gardens, parks, and golf resorts. Grovedale is famous for its Royal Geelong Golf Club, which has hosted some of golf’s most prestigious tournaments. Its golf course is widely considered one of the best in Australia. But Grovedale is also full of contemporary and art deco buildings, making it an interesting city to explore.

If you’re looking for a cool, quiet place to live, Grovedale may just be the place for you. Located only 22 minutes from the CBD, Grovedale is a quiet suburb that’s home to the old Geelong Grammar, the Geelong West Primary School, and the Royal Geelong Hospital.

Grovedale is a city in the Geelong region of Victoria, Australia. Located on the Great Ocean Road, Grovedale is centered on its main street, Crown Street. The proposed name Grovedale is taken from a demolished hotel, Grovedale Hotel, which was located on both Crown and Russell Streets.

The Grovedale neighborhood in Geelong, Australia is a vibrant place to live thanks to a charming community built around an active arts scene. Grovedale is located close to a number of parks, including the Grovedale Park. The park is home to a number of cultural attractions, such as the Grovedale Community Arts Centre and the Grovedale Library. Natural elements are also part of the Grovedale setting, with Lake Grove, a picturesque lake at the northern end of the park, a popular site for swimming, rowing, and fishing.

In the Geelong suburb of Grovedale, community gardens of all sorts are sprouting up everywhere. The small suburb is famous for housing Australia’s second largest city cemetery, and for being the first town in Australia to officially celebrate the Queen’s birthday as a public holiday. But in the past year, Grovedale has also become a gardening hotspot.