Geelong Waterfront 


The Geelong Waterfront is a waterfront precinct near Geelong, Victoria, Australia, located adjacent to the Geelong Harbour. It is 750 metres in length and 1,000 metres wide, stretching from Thompson’s Bay in the west to Corio Bay in the east, and from Marine Parade in the north to Corio. The Waterfront is a mixed-use precinct that contains commercial, retail, entertainment and residential developments.

Come visit Geelong Waterfront, Geelong. Located by the waters of Corio Bay. Enjoy a stroll around the waterfront and browse local delights. No matter what it is you decide to do, the Great Ocean Road will be sure to please you.

Geelong Waterfront, Geelong is a lifestyle and leisure destination at the heart of Geelong, with iconic attractions including the National Wool Museum, the Waterfront Theatre, and Geelong Maritime Museum. Nestled in the heart of Australia’s sunniest city, the waterfront is home to scenic parklands, cafes and restaurants, and is surrounded by a vibrant program of events and festivals.

Geelong Waterfront is a commercial and residential area in the city of Geelong, Victoria, Australia. It is the largest mixed-use development in the Geelong CBD and contains a mixture of offices, retail, a cinema complex, 350 apartments, The Geelong Yacht Club, and Portarlington Yacht Club.

The Geelong waterfront is one of the most picturesque parts of Geelong. It is the primary commercial and tourism hub for Geelong and the surrounding areas. There are a plethora of waterfront restaurants, cafes, and bars. The waterfront has become a popular place for locals and visitors to hang out. The Geelong Waterfront is separated into three sections: the Casino, the Geelong Yacht Club, and the Marina.

Geelong Waterfront is a multistorey development located on the waterfront in Geelong. With 43 levels of spacious luxurious apartments, shops, restaurants, and bars, it is the perfect destination for city living. With multiple gyms, pools, and spas, it is also the perfect place to stay fit and active during your stay.

If you’ve recently relocated to Geelong, you might be wondering if there’s any waterfront property you can break into. The good news is that Geelong waterfront properties aren’t as scarce as you might think. In fact, there are over a million acres of land along the waterfront in Geelong alone. Unfortunately, many people don’t consider Geelong waterfront real estate as a viable option because they’re told it’s too expensive.

Geelong Waterfront is Australia’s newest destination for retail, dining and entertainment. Situated along the banks of Corio Bay, Geelong Waterfront is a short walk from Geelong railway station and the waterfront precinct.