The village of Sandhurst and Frankston are located 65 kilometres east-northeast of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The village is named after Baron Sandhurst, who, in 1870, donated 2.5 acres (1.1 ha) of land with only gamin as a residence, and in 1872, the large mansion, George Gipps, was built. It replaced the previous residence, which was constructed on the site of an earlier gamin, and which was demolished in 1866. Sandhurst and Frankston have a post office and a general store, as well as a church, a primary school, and a police station.

Sandhurst Frankston is a suburb in Melbourne, Australia, 26 km south-east of Melbourne’s central business district. Its local government area is the City of Frankston. Sandhurst Frankston is notable for its big houses on big blocks, many of which have been converted into retirement villages. It was named after Sandhurst, England, the birthplace of Victoria’s first Governor, Sir Charles Hotham. The suburb is home to Sandhurst College, a co-educational school, along with Marist College and Frankston High School.

Sandhurst College, located in Frankston, Victoria, Australia, was established in 1967. It is known for its residential programs; there are two separate houses: the Senior House and the Junior House. The two houses are staffed separately, with Junior House having six staff members and Senior House having seven. Both houses are available for students to study in during terms. Sandhurst College is affiliated with the University of Melbourne.

Sandhurst, located in Frankston, Victoria, Australia, is a famous Australian Army base. Built as a temporary training facility from 1890 onwards, Sandhurst has become the first port of call for most new recruits in the Royal Australian Army. Today, it’s a military academy that trains soldiers for armed and unarmed duties.

Sandhurst is a suburb of Frankston in southern metro Melbourne, Australia. It is named after the military school in England, and was originally called “Warrnambool”, until the post office changed its name in 1929. Sandhurst is bounded to the south by the Frankston railway line and by the Princes Highway to the north. Sandhurst is a quiet suburb of largely residential housing, although there are several shops and schools in the area. The suburb has several parks, including Sandhurst Recreation Reserve, a large sports oval, open parkland as well as a small lake. Sandhurst is connected to Frankston by the Sandhurst railway line, which crosses over the Frankston railway line. Sandhurst is also home to Sandhurst College, a secondary school for year 7-12 boys.

For teens interested in a career in the military, the Sandhurst Military Academy and Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) offer scholarships for high school students from around the world. The Sandhurst Academy teaches students how to march right, how to properly salute, how to conduct themselves in public, and how to be an exceptional soldier. The ADFA provides Australian high school students with the opportunity to attend the school, which pairs military education with high school. Students learn how to apply what they learn to real-world situations, and many students say they feel better prepared for college and their careers.