The Karingal area (or Karingal) is an area of Frankston, Victoria, Australia. It was named by explorer Thomas Mitchell in 1835 for Mary Karingal, who assisted him in surveying the area. It consists mostly of residential homes, parklands, and farms. The suburb is approximately 12.4 km south-east of Melbourne’s central business district (CBD).

Karingal, a small rural town in Victoria, is on the verge of becoming the world’s first-ever cannabis-friendly city. The local council has made a unanimous decision to allow cannabis to be grown, sold, and consumed there, and they hope to be able to license the first cannabis growers by mid-2019.

The new policy is one of many that the council has put forward to improve the quality of life for residents of Karingal, which is around 300km from Melbourne. The changes will range from improving local amenities to opening up employment opportunities, and the council hopes that people will embrace the change and become invested in its success.

This suburb in Melbourne’s south is close to the beach, but far from the crowds. It’s a quiet slice of suburbia, and its proximity to Frankston means it’s well serviced by public transport. Karingal’s population is about 12,000 people, and it includes its own shopping center, which is made up of a supermarket, pharmacy, and specialty stores. The town is popular with young families, thanks to its large park, and there are lots of units available in the surrounding suburbs.

Karingal is an ideal spot to enjoy a great meal or a weekend away, thanks to its proximity to a number of great local cafes and eateries. And its pretty, quiet streets make it an ideal spot to unwind for a weekend away from the city.

The Karingal State Forest is a 1,500 hectare area of protected forest, wildlife sanctuary, and wetland located on Karingal Road, approximately 25 kilometres south-west of Melbourne. The forest is managed by Parks Victoria, which oversees a network of natural parks and reserves across Victoria. The Karingal State Forest is one of seven protected areas within the Karingal Conservation Park, which was officially gazetted in 1965. The park covers an area of 3,450 hectares and is home to at least 33 threatened or protected fauna, including burrowing crayfish, Murray River frogs, platypus, and woodland birds.

The suburb of Karingal is in Melbourne’s south. Situated at the intersection of the Monash Freeway and the Peninsula Link, it’s easily accessible by car. Melbourne Airport is just 20 minutes away and the train line to the city stops at Frankston. The suburb was named after a pastoral run named Karingal, which belonged to colonial councilor John Batman in 1854. It later passed to the Crown in 1855 and became a government reserve named after Batman.