George Pentland Botanic Gardens 


The George Pentland Botanic Gardens, located 25 km south-east of central Melbourne, are the result of 35 years’ of horticultural work by the Frankston City Council. A master-planned community, the gardens feature twelve themed gardens and a children’s play park, as well as several free, self-guided walking routes and formal gardens. The gardens also host a variety of musical events, as well as seasonal festivals.

If you’re looking to unwind, escape, or simply do something different, there are plenty of different activities you can do in Melbourne. One of the most popular, though, is visiting one of Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens. Whether it’s a picnic, a hiking trail, or a guided tour you’re interested in, there are dozens of different gardens for you to explore.

The Pentland Botanic Gardens are a popular attraction in Frankston. The gardens feature several historic sites, including early European settlement sites and war sites, as well as a variety of native and exotic plants. The gardens also provide a unique workplace for volunteers, who help take care of the landscapes, and they’ve even partnered with local schools to teach students about wildlife and nature.

The Pentland Botanic Gardens is a hidden treasure. Located off Boundary Road in Frankston, Victoria, the gardens are a great place for a relaxing stroll.

The George Pentland Botanic Gardens are a delightful spot to spend a summer break. The gardens are home to numerous species of local fauna and flora, from native birds to orchids to native grasses. The gardens also include an extensive tree nursery, where visitors can purchase trees, shrubs, and other plants. If you ever find yourself in Frankston on a hot, sunny day, the gardens are definitely worth a visit—and what better way to cool off than by exploring the garden’s pond and creek?

The Pentland Botanic Gardens is a stunning oasis of exotic and native greenery in Frankston, Victoria. The 27 hectare site provides an oasis for recovery, for relaxation and rejuvenation, and for education.

Located at the edge of Frankston’s Frankston Peninsula, the George Pentland Botanic Gardens are worth a visit for their stunning location as well as their highly varied plant collection. The gardens contain thousands of plant species, as well as native plants and indigenous birds.
In the middle of the gardens is the Discovery Centre, which provides information about the history of the gardens and about the flora in the region. There’s also a gift shop, where you can take home your own piece of Frankston’s rich botanical history.

The gardens at Pentland are lush and green all year round. The Spring Garden is bursting with new life and the Summer Garden is ablaze with colour. The Autumn Garden is resplendent with brilliant reds, oranges and golds.