Frankston Nature Conservation ReserveĀ 


Frankston Nature Conservation Reserve (FNCR) is a protected area that was established to protect rare and threatened scrubland and woodland habitats. The reserve also keeps an eye on the health of the nearby wetlands, ensuring that the natural water flow is protected. To make sure this reserve stays healthy and maintains its protective role, volunteer groups are hard at work, removing invasive species and replanting native vegetation.

The Frankston Nature Conservation Reserve (FNCR) is an urban nature park that acts as a sanctuary for native wildlife within Frankston while teaching the public about our environment and inspiring us to protect it. The park covers 160 hectares and is located just 2km from Frankston City Centre. It is the only place in Victoria where you can legally take your pets on leash.

Pick up any map and only a third of the Frankston Nature Conservation Reserve will even be visible. This reserve is located in southern Melbourne, Australia, and just 32% of its 4,800 hectares are marked as land managed by Parks Victoria. The remainder is covered by private land, residential, and industrial properties, cities, and rivers.

Frankston Nature Conservation Reserve, Frankston is the perfect mix of a nature sanctuary and a bushwalk. This 243-hectare reserve is a tranquil 50-minute drive east of Melbourne. It is the perfect escape from the city, with beautiful bushland and wildlife.

Frankston Nature Conservation Reserve is a 10 ha nature conservation area in Frankston, Melbourne. It has 3.8 km of walking tracks and is accessible from 3 separate entry points. The area includes grasslands, woodland, wetlands, estuary and beach frontage.

The Frankston Nature Conservation Reserve is a 2.5-hectare (6.1-acre) area of coastal bushland, wetlands, and boardwalks in Frankston, Victoria. The reserve is owned and managed by Frankston City Council and is leased to the Frankston Nature Conservation Society, who care for the land and maintain the boardwalks.

The Frankston Nature Conservation Reserve encompasses 3,400 acres of natural bushland, wetlands and coastal woodland. The Reserve focusses on the conservation of threatened fauna and flora, and it supports public education and community engagement in biodiversity.

The Frankston Nature Conservation Reserve, Frankston, Melbourne, Victoria is a Conservation reserve that preserves 110 hectares of bushland and wetland. The protected property, which is located in Frankston, Melbourne, Victoria, was established to protect the ecologically significant wildlife in the area. The Frankston Nature Conservation Reserve, Frankston, Melbourne, Victoria was dedicated on August 8, 1988.