Drum Theatre 


Drum Theatre, Dandenong, is Australia’s only professional Aboriginal outdoor theatre company. Founded in 1989, the company has been at the forefront of theatre for 25 years.

Most children’s theatre shows focus on the young audience with stories or songs that are easy to understand or enjoy. However, Drum Theatre shows are anything but child-friendly. The stories, songs, and characters are based on actual Aboriginal myths and family legends, and they are presented in a way that adults can understand.

Drum Theatre, Dandenong is a non-profit organisation that specialises in the performance and education of drumming, percussion, and sound. They offer a range of programs for both children and adults, from beginner courses to advanced workshops. The Drum Theatre Conservatory program teaches the art of the drum in a setting that is supportive, encouraging, and educational. Students develop skills from using basic drumming rhythms to reading musical notation, as well as improving their sense of rhythm and musical sensitivity.

Drum Theatre, in Dandenong, is Australia’s leading performance theatre showcasing Indigenous Australian performing arts. Since 1973, Drum Theatre has showcased Indigenous Australian performers, dancers, artistes and performers from across the world in story and song, ceremony and feast. The theatre’s rich history of presenting Indigenous Australian performing arts and artists in a culturally appropriate environment informs its contemporary work.

The ‘Skittles’ Drum Theatre is a family friendly music show featuring imaginative and irresistible dance based drumming entertainment. Drum Theatre is a story based performance for all ages, presented as a whimsical adventure into a world of rhythm and rhythm based music.

Drum Theatre offers a variety of work. We produce a concert series to entertain, engage and educate the community. We run arts programs for local disadvantaged schools and we run creative workshops for adults.
This Saturday, Dandenong’s Drum Theatre will present their 2018-19 production of My Country, My Home, a 40-minute play about Australian history, mythology and identity.

Drum Theatre is a Melbourne-based group who create innovative interpretations of traditional Australian (and international) songs, played and created by handdrum, voice, and other musical accompaniment. The group performs regularly at venues around Melbourne, and dedicates itself to creating truly immersive performances that appeal to audiences of all ages. These performances are energetic, interactive, and perfectly suited to the Melbourne climate.

Drum Theatre, Dandenong is a performing arts centre located in Dandenong. The performing arts centre offers many classes for adults and children, including several that are specifically geared for children. The performing arts centre offers classes for singing, dancing and acting. Other classes include drama, musical theatre and ballet. All of the classes offered at the Drum Theatre, Dandenong are taught by professional actors who have years of experience in their field.