Blowhard Ballarat was built as a religious centre in the 1960s, and today it’s largely been abandoned. Now, a group of history buffs have banded together to tell the story of this religious pilgrimage site. For one afternoon each month, group members visit Blowhard Ballarat to explore its historic mysteries. They venture through the building, and into their history, collecting artifacts and images. The hope is that their hunt will unearth some more clues about what exactly happened here, and when.

Exploring the Blowhard, Ballarat was our third stop on our recent road trip across Victoria. In the Ballarat area, we experienced the breathtaking beauty of Central Victoria, hunted for antiques and explored the many sites of Ballarat’s rich history. Ballarat, also known as the Ballarat Central Goldfields, is one of Australia’s oldest cities. The city’s history dates back to the early 1840s, when gold was discovered in the Ballarat region. From these humble beginnings, the city has grown to become one of Australia’s oldest and most diverse cities. Ballarat is now home to approximately 331,000 people.

Blowhard is a Melbourne suburb that is characterised by its heritage buildings and tree-lined streets, making it a comfortable place to live for many Melburnians. The area was first settled by Europeans in the 1850s, and today the population is more than 23,500. The suburb’s main shopping centre is the Wendouree Central Shopping Centre, which is home to more than 150 specialty stores and a mix of restaurants.

Ballarat, Australia just happens to be one of my favorite cities. I’m often here, either for business meetings or just for leisure. Frankly, I’m fascinated by this town. It’s a mix of modern and old world, agriculture and industrial, toggery and high tech.

But Ballarat is much more than these dueling personalities. It’s a place of big history and small history. It’s a place of great natural beauty (and legendary wildlife), and it’s a place of deep Aboriginal culture. But it’s much more than a place. It’s a way of being.

Exploring Blowhard is a storytelling platform, which aims to create narrative content rooted in Ballarat, via a collection of interviews with past, present, and current residents. The podcast aims to present stories, ones of struggle, of triumph, and of beauty. The ear-softening audio is complemented by in-depth interviews, giving the listener an insight into Ballarat’s rich history.

Blowhard locality, ballarat is a cluster of rural localities (an incorporated town / city plus any inhabited locality) within Victoria, Australia, within the Shire of Moira.

Introduction. This Blowhard locality, Victoria, is a region in the south-west of the continent of Australia. The regional area is bounded by the Murray River (west), the Grampians National Park (north), the Wimmera River (east) and the Great Dividing Range (south).