Ballarat Botanical Gardens 


The Ballarat Botanical Gardens are organized into nine zones, focusing on a particular plant or plant group. Zone 1 collects all plants that are native to Australia, including such diverse flora as the kangaroo paw and water lily. Zone 2 is reserved for trees, including many species that are notable for their size, such as the fragrant kauri and Oriental plane. Zone 3 houses several stonecrop varieties, including blue star and staghorn. Zone 4 showcases plants that thrive in a Mediterranean climate, including the lavender and rosemary.

Ballarat Botanical Gardens feature plants native to Victoria, Australia, and were designed in 1851 by the renowned landscape architect, Edward Kemp. The gardens are 35 hectares (90 acres), featuring Australian plants that are native to the Goldfields region.

The Ballarat Botanical Gardens is one of Australia’s most impressive and well-manicured gardens. The gardens are nestled in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, 45 minutes from Melbourne. The gardens showcase Australia’s best native and subtropical plants in a beautiful landscape. When visiting the gardens, visitors can expect to see over 11,000 plant species, 36 hectares of manicured grounds, 900 trees, 600 shrubs and 300 flowering plants. Some of the most popular displays include the Rock Garden, the Fern Garden, the Eucalyptus L’Amour Windflower Garden and the Magnolia Garden.

Any time is a good time to visit Ballarat Botanical Gardens. The gardens offer a relaxing surrounding for visitors to enjoy the changing of the season without getting cold. The Ballarat Botanical Gardens is 108 hectares in size and is split into several zones. Within the Gardens you will find a Werribee River walk, lake and wetlands, formal gardens, a children’s adventure garden, a Japanese garden, a rose garden, a native plant garden, and picnic areas.

The Ballarat Botanical Gardens are located in the heart of the city of Ballarat, VIC. They were established in 1863. The Gardens features many diverse plant species, including native and exotic plants. There is also a teahouse, cafe, restaurant, and shop. The Gardens are a popular place for weddings and photo shoots, and are also a popular location for birthday parties.

Ballarat Botanical Gardens are a treat to the senses. A visit to Ballarat Botanical Gardens is always a rewarding and relaxing experience. The Gardens have been in existence for 125 years. Opened in 1889, Ballarat Botanical Gardens are situated on 35 hectares of parkland and are home to a stunning collection of diverse plants.