Alfredton, Ballarat is a small town in Victoria, Australia located in the Western District. It sits on a plain right next to Lake Narracan, and is 15 kilometres from Ballarat and 44 kilometres from Melbourne. The township of Alfredton became permanently established in 1863 and is named after Alfred, the fifth son of Governor La Trobe. In 2017, the number of people living in Alfredton was estimated to be at 3349.

The town of Ballarat offers a wide variety of attractions and activities for people of all ages. Those who are in the mood for some shopping can head to one of Ballarat’s malls or shops. For those looking to spend the day outdoors, Ballarat has a beautiful river walk and parks to enjoy, as well as the Great Stone Desert, which is a large, flat expanse of exposed granite rocks.

Located in the heart of Victoria, Alfredton is a picturesque town famous for its mineral water spa, but this town also has a vibrant arts scene and is home to several wineries. Ballarat, located in Victoria’s north-east, is one of Australia’s largest and increasingly prosperous cities. The town has a vibrant culture, and is know for it’s wine industry. Ballarat is also home to the national science center, and hosts an annual international science festival.

The Alfredton Chinese Garden is a delightful outdoor oasis, situated on the banks of the Goulburn River in the heart of Ballarat, VIC. The 4.2 hectare gardens are a hidden treasure filled with stunning ponds, water features and lush plant life.

The Alfredton suburb of Ballarat is a busy area, with a large number of hospitals and other businesses. The suburb surrounds the Alfred Hospital, and is home to many hospitals and medical centres, as well as the Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct.
Alfredton is a town in Victoria, Australia. It is located 35 kilometres north of Ballarat and 75 kilometres west of Melbourne. Alfredton is 2.5 kilometres from Winchelsea and 3.5 kilometres from Ballarat North. At the 2016 census, Alfredton had a population of 2,331.

Are you struggling with finding housing in Alfredton? A Ballarat suburb? Well, look no further than the Alfredton countryside, where you’ll find a nice mix of houses, apartments and townhouses. Located about an hour and a half from Melbourne, this suburb’s location offers the best of both worlds.

Alfredton is a suburb in Melbourne’s western suburbs, located 35km west of the Melbourne CBD. The suburb was named in 1887 after Alfred Deakin, the third Prime Minister of Australia. Today, Alfredton is home to 8,673 residents.